What's new

What's new in Artweaver 6?

Artweaver 6 is the next major version of Artweaver with many new features and improvements of existing features.


Support for High DPI displays to no longer look blurry if the system scaling is set to a higher value than 100%.

New button bar with common commands to directly use them.

Brush engine enhancements to Randomize texture, adjust Stroke smoothing and chose Clone color method. *

Brush category and variant preset selectors merged into one preset selector for quicker brush selection.

New Text palette with many additional text formatting options (alignment, kerning, ...) and enhanced text tool. *

The move tool moves now the content of selections if there are any and not only layers and guides.

A new profile for both stamp and eraser tool besides Soft and Hard: Square. *

Commands to change the order directly in all preset selectors and to reset it in the Preset Manager. *

New blur filters: Tilt Shift to create tilt shift effects and Smart Blur to apply blur with precision. *

New FilterFX filter to create own custom filters from a script which can be saved and executed again.

Color history for recent picked colors on Color palette. *

ArtweaverTeam.com integration removed and a new standalone server application allows now to work together in a team.

Advanced support for Photoshop® compatible Plugins by supporting 64 bit and 16 Bits/Channel. *

Improved virtual memory management for documents and its content.

All new features / improvements

For a complete list of all new features, improvements and changes please visit the Artweaver 6 changelog page.

* Not all new features are available in Artweaver Free but only in Artweaver Plus.