What's new

What's new in Artweaver 5?

Artweaver 5 is the next major version of Artweaver with many new features and improvements of existing features.


Mirror painting to create easily symmetrical paintings. *

Support for documents with 8 and 16 Bits/Channel. *

High precision 16bit brush engine for exact results especially with low opacity values.

3 different color themes for the user interface (default, light gray or dark). *

New brush options to better control continuous time deposition and to pickup color from underlying layers. *

Order of each preset in the selectors view can be adjusted. *

Documents saved as a copy if they contain features which are not supported by the file format.

Improved warning message for unsupported features while saving.

Read and write support for the OpenRaster file format.

All presets can be exported, brush categories completely with all their variants.

Support for picking up colors outside the color picker dialog. *

Some tools allow scrolling, zooming and rotating the document while in use. *

Do not show again option for more message dialogs.

Test of entered ArtweaverTeam.com account details in preferences.

All new features / improvements

For a complete list of all new features, improvements and changes please visit the Artweaver 5 changelog page.

* Not all new features are available in Artweaver Free but only in Artweaver Plus.