Artweaver Plus 6

Artweaver Plus 6 is the next major version of Artweaver with many new features and improvements.

This new version highlights the following new features
  • Support for High DPI displays
  • Brush engine enhancements
  • User interface improvements
  • Advanced support for Photoshop® compatible Plug-Ins
  • New Filters
  • Text tool enhancements
  • Tool improvements
  • Misc improvements / adjustments

Support for High DPI displays
Artweaver is now able to adjust its whole user interface to the current DPI scaling of the system. Therefore Artweaver will no longer look blurry if the system scaling is set to a higher value than 100%.

Brush engine enhancements
Besides improving the stroke interpolation while painting and the displaying of configuration warnings also some new options have been added:
  • Clone color method
  • Grain randomize texture
  • Stroke smoothing

User interface improvements
The Artweaver user interface has been improved in many places with small, but very useful enhancements:
  • New button bar with common commands
  • Brush category and variant preset selectors merged into one preset selector
  • Change preset order buttons on all preset selectors
  • Reset preset order to default in preset manager
  • Min Size option on brush palette has been replaced by grain option
  • Color history for recent picked colors on color palette
  • Convert background layer by just clicking lock symbol in layer palette layer list
  • Event playback shows current played event number and total number of events
  • Current number of layers added to available document status bar information

Advanced support for Photoshop® compatible Plug-Ins
Besides improved compatibility the 64 bit version of Artweaver is now able to load and execute 64 bit Photoshop® compatible Plug-Ins. Also support for 16 Bits/Channel has been added and additional locations for Plug-Ins are configurable in the preferences.

New Filters
  • FilterFX to execute FilterFX scripts as filters
  • Tilt Shift to create tilt shift effects
  • Smart Blur to apply blur with precision

Text tool enhancements
The text tool has been enhanced by some small but very helpful features:
  • New text palette with many additional text formatting options (alignment, kerning ...)
  • Support for copy & paste shortcuts while editing
  • Displaying of baselines while editing
  • Reposition text caret with mouse while editing

Tool improvements
Not only the text tool but also other tools got some small but helpful improvements:
  • Move tool moves the content of selections if there are any
  • Move, selection and crop tools move by 10 pixels when shift key is pressed
  • Stamp and eraser tool got a new profile: Square

Misc improvements / adjustments
  • Clone document draws original document with only 50% opacity
  • Swatch exchange (*.ASE) color set support
  • Online update improved
  • Memory handling improved
  • integration removed
  • Standalone team server application added