How to make Artweaver portable?

Artweaver always installs as a regular application and requires some local settings from the system which are not portable. But it is possible to make an existing Artweaver installation portable which can be used for example over an USB stick on different PCs without installing it.

To make Artweaver portable please perform the following steps
  • 1. Install Artweaver on a PC
  • 2. Copy the complete Artweaver program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Artweaver Free) into a directory free of choice (e.g. C:\Artweaver)
  • 3. Create a new empty text file with the name Artweaver.ini in the same directory (e.g. C:\Artweaver) where all Artweaver program files were copied
  • 4. Start Artweaver from this directory (e.g. C:\Artweaver) with a double click on the Artweaver.exe file
  • 5. Disable in the Preferences the automatic check for updates on the Online Update page
  • 6. Close Artweaver

Now Artweaver is completely portable and the new directory with its content (e.g. C:\Artweaver) can be copied to any portable device and used on different PCs.