How to use the Magic Wand selection tool?

The Magic Wand selection tool selects all or only bordering pixels in a document with a specific color. The accuracy of the selection can be controlled with the Tolerance parameter of the tool where a higher value means that more similar colors to the specified color get selected.

Step by step guide
  • 1. Choose the Magic Wand selection tool from the Tool palette and configure the parameters of the tool to your needs
  • 2. Click in the document on the pixel (color) which should be selected
  • Note: If selecting the background is easier, do this and afterwards invert the selection with the command Select -> Inverse to select only the desired pixels.
  • 3. The selected content gets now highlighted by dotted lines on the document

Now you can either manipulate all pixels selected in the document by using any of the available commands or copy it into a new layer in the same or another document.

Note: You can remove an existing selection at any time by using the command Select -> Deselect.