How to translate Artweaver into another language?

Artweaver supports language files where it is possible to translate the whole application interface and the preset names into another language. For each language there is a dedicated language file which can be selected from the application preferences.

To create a language file for a new language you need the Artweaver Language Editor which is freely available.

Download Artweaver Language EditorZIP | Size: 1,21 MB | Date: 20.02.2020 | Version: 7.0

Please perform the following steps to translate Artweaver
  • 1. Download the Artweaver Language Editor and extract the contents of the archive into a folder of your choice
  • 2. Start the Artweaver Language Editor by double clicking LangProjectEdit.exe
  • 3. Open the current Artweaver 6 language project file Artweaver60.alp
  • 4. First change the properties of the language project to your needs / language by choosing File -> Properties
  • 5. If you have a language project with translations for a previous Artweaver version, merge your already translated strings by choosing File -> Merge
  • 6. Translate all strings to your language and mark translated strings as completed for a better overview
  • 7. After you are finished, save the changes
  • 8. Finally export you translation as LNG file which can be used by Artweaver using the command File -> Export as LNG

To test your translation, copy the LNG file into the Artweaver language folder and select it. After you have verified that the translation is complete / correct you can provide it Boris Eyrich Software to put it on the Artweaver website to be available for everyone.

Note: Artweaver 4 and newer are using a new translation system. Therefore merging older language files isn’t possible anymore.