How to capture Imagestamp presets?

With the Imagestamp you can instead of painting with color, paint with images, not just one or two at a stroke, but a variety of changing images. The images change thereby while painting the stroke.

To create custom Imagestamp presets please perform the following steps
  • 1. Create a document with different images where each image represents a single stamp
  • It’s very important that each stamp uses only a specific area of the document which needs to be equal in size to the other areas.
  • 2. Select the whole content of the document by choosing Select -> All
  • 3. On the Brush palette, click the palette menu arrow and choose Capture Imagestamp
  • If the command is disabled, make sure that the document contains an alpha channel (e.g. no background layer).
  • 4. In the Capture Imagestamp dialog, enable capturing of multiple elements and specify the number and size of the elements
  • 5. Click on OK to create a new Imagestamp preset