Artweaver Plus 4

This version includes the following new features and improvements:

New Features
  • Native 64 bit version and improved support for multiple CPU cores
  • New tabbed document interface (TDI) instead of a multiple document interface (MDI)
  • Revised and improved icons
  • Preview images of brush presets can be customized by own images
  • Many tools show useful information directly on the canvas while using them
  • Crop tool darkens document area outside the crop rectangle for a better visual feedback
  • Shape tool now supports more complex custom shapes and includes many new custom shapes
  • Custom palettes support presets commands and command order is configurable
  • The team token locking has been replaced by an automatic locking
  • New brush profile: Soft
  • New brush settings: Merge mode and Merge opacity
  • New layer blend mode: Overlay
  • New effect filters: Portrait, Dithering, Video, Difference Clouds and Custom
  • Support for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) devices which replaces Twain

  • Improved palette docking and many palettes are now fully resizeable
  • Added menus to more tools for a quick access to common commands on right click
  • Instead of a menu brush tools show now the preset selector for variants on right click
  • For both eraser and stamp tool the use of pen pressure to control size and opacity is now directly configurable on the tool properties
  • Added a histogram to thresholds filter
  • Built in team server functionality has been replaced by
  • Clouds filter shows a real-time preview directly in the document and adds new options
  • Added a warning to capture imagestamp dialog if entered values are not applicable
  • Auto select of layers in move tool is now more configurable
  • Added Sample option for dropper tool
  • Added New mode option for shape tool
  • Maximum allows size for capturing presets increased
  • Additional buttons added to some palettes for quick access to common commands
  • Added snap to bounds / guides for many tools
  • Added new Misc commands to keyboard shortcuts
  • Perspective grid tool shows a hint if perspective grid is currently not visible and allows to show it
  • Preset commands are now disabled if not possible (and additionally indicated by a shield symbol)
  • New paper and imagestamp presets
  • Many team messages improved
  • Quality of smear method improved
  • Event support improved (especially for playback)
  • Work-flow and usability of online update improved
  • Contract and expand selection combined into one single command
  • Some brush categories renamed: Distortion to Smear and Warping to Warp
  • Brush variant OilyOily Marker removed
  • Many bug fixes