How to enter a license key?

You need a license key to unlock all features of Artweaver Plus. Without entering a license key Artweaver Plus will run as a time limited test version where some features are no longer available after the test period has expired.

Please perform the following steps to enter a license key
  • 1. Start Artweaver Plus.
  • 2. Choose Enter Artweaver Plus License Key in the Enter License Key dialog.
  • 3. Enter your Name and License Key from the registration email or as shown on the Artweaver website and click Next.
  • 4. Enable the option Exit Artweaver Plus and continue to quit Artweaver Plus.
  • 5. Start Artweaver Plus to enable the entered license key.

Note: It is important that you enter your Name and License Key exactly as written in the registration email as they depend on each other.