How to upgrade to the latest version?

An upgrade of Artweaver to a newer version is only needed if the major version has changed (e.g. 3.x to 4.x). Updates within a major version are done automatically by the Online Update feature and do not need an upgrade as described here.

To upgrade Artweaver to the latest version without losing any custom presets / settings please perform the following steps
  • 1. Download the latest Artweaver setup from the Artweaver homepage.
  • 2. Start the setup and perform a regular installation. The setup will automatically detect a previous version of Artweaver and migrate its presets / settings to the new version.
  • 3. Remove the old Artweaver version via System Control and Add/Remove Software (this is only optional).

Note: Please make sure that you own a valid license key for the new version before upgrading Artweaver Plus.