Artweaver Plus 2.0

This version includes the following new features and improvements
  • New brush category: Hairy Brush and Pixel
  • Rotable and free dragable canvas
  • Palettes can also be docked on the main window
  • Support for custom palettes with own brushes and shortcuts on it
  • Events support in AWD (Artweaver Document) file format
  • EXIF support (only displaying - not editing)
  • New Filters: Remove Red Eyes, Set Transparency and Channel Mixer
  • Improved brush editor and directly accessible on the tool properties palette of the brush tool
  • Setup migrates automatically presets from older Artweaver versions to new version
  • Some new shortcuts added
  • Mode option added to brush tool (freehand or straight line)
  • Fill option added to shape tool
  • Anti-alias option added for brushes
  • Read support for text in PSD format (only rudimentary)
  • Multi core support added (only for a few filters)
  • Many improvements and bug fixes