Artweaver Plus 7

Artweaver 7 is the next major version of Artweaver with many new features and improvements.

This new version highlights the following new features
  • Improved brush handling and adjustments
  • Simplified preset handling
  • Interactive gradient tool
  • Digital watercolor simulation
  • Windows Ink Pen support
  • Improved update
  • Misc improvements / adjustments

Improved brush handling and adjustments
The whole brush handling has been changed to be more intuitive and easier to use. Therefore, the brush palette is removed, and all its settings are now also accessible on the brush tool property bar. Additionally, the brush editor has been enhanced and provides all possible settings of a brush in one place including a scratch pad to try out all those settings. Finally, the brush selector shows now a preview of the brush stroke and a history of recently used brushes.

Simplified preset handling
All presets and its selectors are now combined into one new media palette instead of being spread all around the application. Importing of preset is now also easier as there is only one import dialog which can import all supported preset files.

Interactive gradient tool
The enhanced gradient tool lets you interactively adjust the gradient properties and position while you are using the tool. And it also shows for all your changes a real-time preview.

Digital watercolor simulation
There is a new Watercolor brush type which simulates a digital watercolor brush. In combination with paper texture there are good watercolor simulation results possible. Together with this new brush type there is also a new Watercolor brush preset category with various variants.

Windows Ink Pen support
Besides the common used Wintab interface to retrieve pressure information from tablets and pens, Artweaver now also supports the Windows Ink Pen interface for pen pressure information which has been introduced with Windows 10 and is today used by many mobile devices (e.g. tablets and laptops).

Improved update
For any available update there is now an update dialog shown on Artweaver startup which informs about the update and asks to install them. Afterwards the mandatory User Account Control is shown, and updates are downloaded and installed.

Misc improvements / adjustments
  • Paper color is removed and is replaced by background or transparent color in tools and filters
  • Text palette is removed, and additional text settings are now available as popup on text tool property bar
  • Move tool shows transform controls for active layer to directly transforming it
  • Text tool can be now also applied by double clicking outside the text area
  • Layer duplication is enhanced with settings
  • The size of filter dialogs is increased
  • The history palette shows the last document saved state
  • The current brush preview can be also used as custom icon
  • Changes to impasto settings are now undoable
  • Automatic saved recovery information is now in Awd format instead of events which makes the recovering faster and more reliable
  • Tablet mode is removed