How to create FilterFX scripts?

FilterFX script is a powerful scripting language to manipulate content (pixels) of an image. There are already various scripts included with Artweaver but you can also create your own new scripts.

Step by step guide

  • 1. Open a document in Artweaver which is used as a reference image for the new script
  • 2. Choose Filter -> FilterFX from the menu to show the FilterFX filter
  • 3. Click the Create New Script button and enter a name for the new script
  • 4. A new script is created and the script editor is opened
  • 5. Modify the existing sample script or create a new script from scratch in the editor
  • 6. Click Compile script to check for script syntax errors
  • If there is a syntax error and or other important information it will be always shown in the message list of the Editor
  • 7. Click Run script to execute the script. The result is shown in the preview of the FilterFX filter
  • Run script first compiles the script and also shows script errors if there are any
  • 8. Click the Question mark to learn more about the FilterFX scripting language, the commands and the syntax
  • 9. Click OK to save the changes to the script