• Usability improvements

    With the last update to Artweaver Team we made some small, but useful improvements to the usability of the web interface:

    • For all new users there is a welcome message shown for the first 3 logins to help them getting started with Artweaver Team. Besides some links to the help, settings and the manage page there is also a new help article which describes how to use Artweaver Team.


    • When starting a new session it's now possible to choose predefined document size presets from a list. This makes it easier to select the preferred document size instead of entering the width and height for the document each time by hand.


    If there are any open questions, check out the help pages or contact us.

  • Improved gallery handling

    Besides the new session restarting feature also the gallery handling has been improved. Now you can directly see from the new pop-up menu on the gallery page the number of views and downloads for each visible gallery image. And there is also a direct menu entry to download the full preview of a gallery image too.


    So you don't have to visit the gallery page for a certain image anymore to get those information or to download the full preview.

  • New: Restarting of history sessions

    We're proud to announce that it's now possible to restart already stopped sessions (history sessions) to continue working on a document. This new feature is available for all history session which were started from April 15th 2012 and it's visible to every registered Artweaver Team user after the next login. Notice We are sorry but for older session this feature is not possible / available.

    How to use it?
    Just select Restart session from the new pop-up menu of a history session in the Web interface and enter a name for it.


    That's it! Everything else is the same as for new created sessions. After some seconds your new "old" sessions should be started and ready.


    If there are any open questions, check out the help pages or contact us.

  • Web interface improvements

    With the last update to Artweaver Team there are also some feature improvements in the web interface besides the visible changes in the design.

    Here a short list of them which you may have already noticed:

    • The settings page now uses tabs for each category instead of showing them all on a single page
    • The controls on the start new session dialog for the document size are now real number input controls instead of simple text controls
    • Each picture in the Artweaver Team gallery contains now a download button to get a full preview of the picture and shows the total number of views and downloads
    • The maximum run-time of a session is now 5 days instead of only 3 days