• Artweaver 6 is out now!

    We are happy to announce the availability of Artweaver 6 Free and Plus.

    Artweaver 6 is the next major version of Artweaver with many new features and improvements of existing features. You can download the new version directly from the Artweaver homepage.


    Due to the fact that Artweaver 6 Plus is a new major version there is a new license needed. But you can upgrade any older Artweaver Plus license to the latest Artweaver Plus version at a reduced price compared to the full version or even for free if you have bought your license within the last 3 months!

    Artweaver 6 Highlights
    • Support for High DPI displays
    • Brush engine enhancements *
    • User interface improvements
    • Advanced support for Photoshop® compatible Plug-Ins *
    • New Filters *
    • Text tool enhancements *
    • Tool improvements
    • And even more improvements

    For a complete list of all new features, improvements and changes please visit the Artweaver 6 changelog page.

    * Not all new features are available in Artweaver Free but only in Artweaver Plus.