• Artweaver 4 team improvements

    As you might have noticed, Artweaver 4 beta is now available to the public. Besides improving existing features and enhancing the overall usability of the application there are also some nice enhancement to the team functionality.

    Artweaver 4 now uses a transparent locking system for sessions instead of the token locking system in version 3. This makes it much more easier to work on images in a team as there is no need to care about the locking anymore. Artweaver 4 automatically locks the session when changing the image (e.g. painting something) and afterwards unlocks it again. Additional Artweaver 4 also makes sure that concurrent locks are handled right and all events synchronized in the right order.

    But this is not all! There are more small changes to improve the usability while connected to a team like:

    • Welcome message shows now name of the connected user
    • Names of connected users are always unique and team server takes care of it
    • Warning and errors messages have been improved
    • Messages show now the time of creation

    Please register today for free to the Boris Eyrich Software Beta Portal and join the Artweaver 4 beta test to check out all new features.