Artweaver Team Shutdown

After 5 years, we have shutdown Artweaver Team on June 1 2017. We are proud of all the users that worked together in a team and shared their results in the gallery. While it is sad to say goodbye to Artweaver Team, we encourage you to continue using Artweaver. It will be still possible in Artweaver to work together in a team by just hosting own teams instead of using the Artweaver Team web service.

How can I host own teams?

Since Artweaver 6 there is a separate team server application which allows to create own team sessions where other users can connect to and work together. This team server application is available in both Free and Plus version of Artweaver. Learn about it in the team server help.

What happens to the team functionality in Artweaver older than version 6?

The team functionality in those versions does not work any longer and we highly recommend updating to the latest Artweaver version. In this version the team functionality does not required Artweaver Team but allows to connect to own hosted teams.

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