Artweaver Plus Advantages

Brush Control

Detailed configuration of brushes and much more brush types and methods like Hairy brush, Pixel brush, Colorize, Warp, ...

Enhanced Tools

Enhanced and additional tools like Mirror painting and Selection transformation.

Additional Filters

Many additional image and effect filters like Channel mixer, Deskew, Filter gallery, Remove red eyes, ...

16 Bits/Channel

16 Bits/channel support for improved brush color blending and displaying.

File Formats

EXIF support and extended support for PSD documents (layer groups, selections, ...).

More Performance

Support for multiple CPU cores and native 64 bit support to get maximum performance.

Canvas & Preview

Free rotatable and movable canvas with real-time preview for filters on the canvas.

User Interface

More customizable user interface: Own shortcuts for menus and tools, color themes, preset selector view, ...

Custom Palettes

Support for custom palettes to put everything needed (tools, commands and presets) into own palettes for quick access.

All advantages

For a complete list of all Artweaver Plus advantages please visit the Artweaver version differences page.

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